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Bilingual Education Specialists is a specialized standardized test preparation service that is based primarily on the Texas curriculum but that also incorporates skills tested by other national tests similar to Stanford and Aprenda.  Being Web-based allows Bilingual Education Specialists to very quickly update to the changes made to the curriculum by any testing entities. With a combined total of seventeen years of teaching experience in the test-taking grades, we understand the frustration of preparing students for a test with almost no materials.  It is especially difficult to find materials in Spanish for our students in Bilingual or Dual Language programs. We realize that our students deserve better.  They deserve quality, grammatically correct test preparation material that is both interesting and exciting for them to work with. 


Our Preparation Materials


We have created an interactive learning program that prepares students for standardized tests in the most effective manner possible.  Most test prep materials teach the objectives individually, but when the teacher wants to test only a particular objective, there are no materials that test that objective by itself.  From the start, we realized that each objective must be taught individually and tested individually.  That is why we have developed a method that assesses each particular objective with ten to fifteen questions* using the different variations of questions for that objective that students would normally find in the official test. In this manner, a teacher is able to have a much clearer idea as to the proficiency of his or her students as far as that objective is concerned.  In reading, for example, each passage has ten to fifteen questions that deal with word meaning, ten to fifteen questions that deal with sequence, and so on for all the objectives that are applicable to that passage.  We want to make sure that our students practice each objective thoroughly so that they understand the concepts completely when they take the test.


Test-taking Strategies for All Objectives


We have developed a complete learning program that covers all areas of  the curriculum:  reading, math and writing.   All of the objectives are covered with a large number of questions dealing with each particular objective.  Test taking strategies for individual objectives are available at the click of a button for students (and teachers) as they prepare to conquer standardized tests.


On-line Assessment and Testing


One of our most exciting features, as far as teachers are concerned, is our on-line testing.  Members may log on at any time and have their students practice their objectives and take the tests.  But what is really remarkable is that teachers will no longer have to do any grading.  The test scores and detailed results will be automatically mailed directly to the teacher via e-mail.  The moment a student clicks on the submit button, he or she will receive a score with a list of all the incorrectly answered questions.  The student can print out this list and use it as a study guide to master the objective that is being tested.  At the same time, the teacher is being sent an email with the same results along with the correct answers to the questions that the student missed.  Teachers can then print these results for their records.   They can also drop them into an Excel worksheet and keep track of their students' progress throughout the year with very little effort.   .

Some teachers have little or no access to computers or printers in their classrooms.  Our membership entitles teachers to print out the testing and study materials that they need for their classroom.


Fun, Interactive Stories with an On-line Dictionary


One of the most difficult aspects of  standardized testing preparation is keeping the students interested in studying for the test.  Most teachers have problems in this area simply because studying for standardized tests is both difficult and boring, especially for those students who have difficulty with reading. We have developed our materials specifically to attack both of these problems.  We created high-interest stories and passages with plots and subject matter that appeal to students. The fact that a student is able to do all the work on a computer is an added plus.  Students love to use the computer and to be in charge of their learning environment.

We have provided an added feature to help those students who have problems with reading.  Many students don't like to read simply because they do not understand the vocabulary and they feel embarrassed to ask the meaning of the words that they do not understand.  All our stories have vocabulary words linked to a Spanish-Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary.  Students merely have to click on the word that they do not understand and they will be taken directly to the meaning of the word in Spanish and in English.


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*In mathematics up to twenty questions are used to assess one objective.




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